Classes will be running as scheduled on January 14, 15 and on MLK day, January 16.


“What got me is that after three days of doing tai chi, though I didn’t know what I was doing and felt totally inadequate, my energy was up. I had the feeling, ‘There’s something going on here; this is doing something for me.’ Now I’ve been doing this for a long while and it’s still working. I’m 83. I should be going downhill but I’m not.“— a BTC student

Brookline Tai Chi has been teaching Chinese movement arts—tai chi and qigong—for 23 years to people of all ages, skills, and fitness levels. Located in the Boston area, we are one of the country’s largest health-oriented tai chi schools. What we teach is one of the world’s most time-tested health maintenance systems.These ancient “energy arts” have a long list of positive impacts on modern maladies. You can most readily find out what the practices are about by exploring how they feel to you. Drop in for free on any class, or many classes, during the first week of any seven-week session to help you decide what you’ll like.