Heaven and Earth Qigong


Heaven and Earth Introduction

The Marriage of Heaven and Earth focuses initially on “pulsing” or rhythmically opening and closing the joints and cavities of your body. Often, this is used to treat arthritis in China, because the smoother and stronger your pulse, the looser your joints get, while remaining stable and strong. As with the other qigong sets, you can do the Marriage of Heaven and Earth as a complete practice, or learn how to integrate it into Tai Chi and related qigong sets.

Heaven and Earth Level 2

In Level 2 Heaven and Earth courses, we refine pulsing to connect up the whole body, move more energy through the fascia (connective tissue) of the body, and amplify the two major flows of energy that govern the physical body.

Circling Hands Qigong - Introduction

Cost and Meeting Times:
$150/$120 for members
Wednesday evenings, 6:30-7:30pm
Learn the powerful relaxation and rejuvenation techniques of Qigong, the ancient Chinese art of developing your internal energy.
In this introductory course, you will use Circling Hands Qigong to soothe the nervous system, focus your mind, and help you find your chi. You will also learn foundational practices of Taoist Longevity Breathing that smooth out your breath, calm your mind, and develop quiet, centered internal awareness.

Open to all. No previous experience required. The gentle practices you learn in this course will also prepare you to take more advanced qigong courses at Brookline Tai Chi, like Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body, the Marriage of Heaven and Earth, and Gods Playing in the Clouds.

Circling Hands Qigong - Part 2

Cost and Meeting Times:
$150/$120 for members
Wednesday evenings, 7:35-8:35pm

When you enroll in one of our courses, you can come to any or all meetings of that course each week.