Brookline Tai Chi hosts a wide range of expert teachers, both to anchor its regular weekly program and for special workshops. Many of our instructors receive regular training in Bruce Frantzis’ Energy Arts system. Certifications listed under each instructor refer to instructor-level certifications they hold directly from Frantzis. To read more about Bruce Frantzis and his Energy Arts system, visit

Nate Hribar, Executive Director

Senior Instructors

Craig Barnes, Energy Arts Senior Instructor
Alan Dougall, Energy Arts Senior Instructor
Don Ethan Miller
Eric Peters, Energy Arts Senior Instructor
Bill Ryan, BTC Founder and Energy Arts Senior Instructor
Robert Tangora


Dan Kleiman
Ana Popa
Bill Robertson
Carla Ross
Janak Sanariya
Ruth Schechter
Chuck Shaw
Susanne Sternick
Nelson Wong