Jings #5: Completing Ba Men-The Eight Gates

There are eight primary body energies used in tai chi. These eight are the foundation of every tai chi form movement and fighting application and are present in single or multiple combinations of every move. All movements in tai chi are composed of permutations of these eight building blocks as they continuously combine, separate, and recombine during each individual posture and transitional move. -- Bruce Frantzis, Tai Chi Mastery Program In this workshop we will complete the basic work to ... [Continue Reading]

Dragon and Tiger Variations

Dragon and Tiger is one of the most versatile of all qigong practices, a sort of Swiss army knife among qigong sets. It’s current form is a 20th century variation from how it was practiced for 1,500 years. TCM doctor Zhang Jia Hua developed those modifications to make Dragon and Tiger a more powerful medical qigong set. It’s possible to further modify Dragon and Tiger in ways that may better suit your personal needs. Some modifications are just variations in sequence, some are simplifications ... [Continue Reading]

Chinese Healing Exercises with Steven Cardoza

Saturday May 7th, 1-5pm Chinese Healing Exercises are drawn from acupressure, medical qigong, paidagong, Daoist yoga, and other related practices. They have been used for thousands of years as prescribed or self-directed exercises to promote overall health, increase functionality, improve energy levels, provide mental calm and emotional balance, relieve aches and pains, treat many common ailments, and as adjuncts to and warm-ups for taiji and various qigongs. In this four hour workshop ... [Continue Reading]

More Chi In Your Tai Chi and Tai Chi Standing Postures with Craig Barnes and Eric Peters

When learning Tai Chi there are a number of basic body alignments that take time to learn, practice, and understand. Eventually, you are ready to apply and integrate more advanced alignments to improve body structure, stability and chi flow. Bruce Frantzis sometimes refers to these refined body principles as “super-alignments” or “micro-alignments.” These include various places in the body where you emphasize ”liftings” and “droppings” of the body that aid in sinking and raising energy flows in ... [Continue Reading]

An Introduction to Gods Playing in the Clouds Chi Gung with Eric Peters

Monday through Thursday, April 18-21 - 7:00 to 9:30 pm. Gods Playing in the Clouds is the most advanced form of Chi Gung taught by Bruce Frantzis. It was the only Chi Gung practiced by his teacher, Liu Hung Chieh, at the end of his life. Gods is associated with the Earth Element and is used to integrate the elements of Bruce’s 16 neigung practices and is a bridge to Taoist Meditation. Gods Playing in the Clouds consists of six easy to learn circular movements. Energy Arts Senior Instructor ... [Continue Reading]

Energy Gates Chi Gung Refinement and Review with Eric Peters

Monday through Thursday, April 18-21 - 2:30 to 5:00 pm. Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body is the introductory chi gung practice that teaches the foundation of all the other internal practices taught by Bruce Frantzis as part of his Energy Arts system. This chi gung set includes fundamental practices such as Standing and Dissolving, Cloud Hands, the Three Swings and the Spine Stretch. All are explained in Bruce’s seminal book, Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body. Energy Arts ... [Continue Reading]

Wu Style Tai Chi Long Form Refinements and Review with Craig Barnes

Monday through Thursday, April 18-21 - 2:30 to 5:00 pm and 7:00 to 9:30 pm. Energy Arts Senior Instructor Craig Barnes returns to Brookline Tai Chi to review movements and principles of the Wu Style Tai Chi Long Form. Craig will start at the beginning of the Long Form, review the Long Form from posture to posture, and teach principles appropriate to the group. Because the First Third of the Wu Long Form is very similar to the Wu Short Form, those who wish to learn the Wu Long Form are ... [Continue Reading]

Marriage of Heaven and Earth Chi Gung Workshops with Eric Peters

The Marriage of Heaven and Earth Chi Gung is a powerful, yet simple and easy to learn two movement Chi Gung practice. It is associated with the Wood Element, the liver and springtime, helping to lengthen the tendons, ligaments and fascia. This exercise is useful for arthritis and other joint disorders. After learning the basic choreography of these moves, the Marriage of Heaven and Earth is a container for much of the intermediate material of the Chi Gung, Tai Chi and Bagua taught by Bruce ... [Continue Reading]

Jings: The Inner Content of Tai Chi with Don Ethan Miller

An Eight-Part Workshop Series with Don Ethan Miller Jing (or jin, ging) is a term in Chinese martial arts for an expression of energy with a particular pattern, quality, idea, or "flavor" which is quite different from indistinct, untrained, ordinary force or movement.  In classical tai chi practice, students learned the body alignments and physical movements of their forms, and then proceeded to learn the discrete, specific qualities and energies - the jings - associated with each of them. ... [Continue Reading]

Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong Refinements and Review workshop with Eric Peters

Gods Playing in the Clouds ("Gods") is the most advanced qigong set taught by Bruce Frantzis. It was the only qigong set practiced by his teacher, Liu Hung Chieh, at the end of his life. After learning the six movements of Gods, one begins to integrate the elements of the 16 neigung, which is found in all other Taoist tai chi, qigong, and meditation practices. In this workshop, Energy Arts Senior Instructor Eric Peters will help you explore several topics. Elbows connecting the arms to ... [Continue Reading]