Qigong Radio with Dan Kleiman


Join BTC Instructor Dan Kleiman and his guests for a podcast all about the Qigong system we teach at Brookline Tai Chi.

Want to learn more about your energy, the qigong mind, and how these practices open all the different layers of your body? Check out the episodes below.

Dragon and Tiger Qigong

In Dragon and Tiger Qigong, you learn to feel and then move the energy of your etheric body. In this episode, Dan spoke with six instructors who had just returned from a Dragon and Tiger Instructor Training. They discuss: Relaxation in the West vs. Qigong perspective on relaxation The way stagnant chi impacts your mind and how a tense mind freezes up your chi How Dragon and Tiger helps relax the mind into a feeling state as opposed to a thinking state How Dragon and Tiger’s emphasis ... [Continue Reading]

Outer Dissolving in Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body

In this episode, Dan discusses a central practice in Energy Gates Qigong, the Outer Dissolving practice. When you do the standing qigong portion of the Energy Gates set, learning to "dissolve" blocked energy improves your sense of flow and internal connection. When you work on dissolving the gates, you will inevitably be fighting the urge to: visualize instead of feel “chase” energetic releases, untethered from the physical body wonder if you are really feeling anything at all Dan ... [Continue Reading]

Marriage of Heaven and Earth Qigong

In this episode of Qigong Radio, Dan sits down to discuss the Marriage of Heaven and Earth Qigong with several Energy Arts instructors. We explore: Why Heaven and Earth is considered a bridge between the basic practices and more advanced practices The way it gives you greater access to “internal” movement How you develop a particular quality of mind The way that opening and closing is fundamental to all 16 neigong [powerpress] ... [Continue Reading]

Bend the Bow Spinal Qigong with Eric Peters

In this episode of Qigong Radio, Energy Arts Senior Instructor Eric Peters describes what it’s like to work with the energy of the spine, using Bend the Bow Spinal Qigong. Bend the Bow is an advanced qigong set that requires precise alignment and refined sensitivity, but it gives you access to a much deeper level of internal connection and coordination than standard ways of moving your body through space. [powerpress] ... [Continue Reading]

Spiraling Energy Body with Isaac Kamins

Energy Arts Instructor Isaac Kamins shares his experience with Spiraling, one of the most demanding practices in the Energy Arts system. Specifically, he discusses how: Spiraling differs from Energy Gates and I Chuan The downward dissolving practice from Energy Gates prepares you to handle the upward currents of energy in Spiraling You work directly with the gates in Spiraling to create more integrated, flexible, and spontaneous internal connections Be sure to listen to the entire ... [Continue Reading]

Paul Cavel on Three Levels of Neigong Practice

In this episode of Qigong Radio, Energy Arts Senior Instructor Paul Cavel explains the 3 different layers of neigong practice: Beginner or Foundational Practices — Dragon and Tiger, Opening the Energy Gates, and Heaven and Earth Intermediate or Power-Production Practices — Spiraling Energy Body and Bend the Bow Advanced or Integration Practices — Gods Playing in the Clouds Paul explains what to focus on at each level and how your learning spiral takes you back through them over ... [Continue Reading]

Bill Ryan on Developing Energy Sensitivity

When learning qigong, people are often either more tuned into to energy or to their physical bodies. In this episode of Qigong Radio, Dan talks to Energy Arts Senior Instructor and founder of Brookline Tai Chi, Bill Ryan to explain why this is. More importantly, Bill teaches you how to navigate the experiences of developing your internal energy, regardless of how you first become aware of them. It turns out, you’re probably already more tuned in than you think. If you are very sensitive to ... [Continue Reading]