Support Brookline Tai Chi in 2013


The town may be changed,

But the well cannot be changed.

It neither decreases nor increases.

They come and go and draw from the well.”

– I Ching


Dear Friends,

As you may know by now, Brookline Tai Chi (BTC) is going through another transition in its history with the announced departure of Dan Kleiman, our Executive Director, in late April 2014.  Despite this change, we believe students and teachers will continue to use BTC as a place to learn, gather, and rejuvenate (and even socialize!).

At BTC, the teachings and their practices we share are like water.  There will always be water and the need of people for water.  In a village, a well is a way of reaching the water.  This connection, this way of reaching, is the essence of Brookline Tai Chi.  It supports personal growth and inner experiences as well as friendship and social connection.  We believe BTC is about the practices, the people, and the experiences shared.

Whether you’re new to Brookline Tai Chi or have been taking classes here for twenty years, you continue learning about relaxing, feeling your body, and letting go.  Perhaps you’ve noticed that these practices are becoming more natural to you, or that friends have commented on how relaxed you are.

Brookline Tai Chi has been hard at work introducing our Tai Chi for Healthy Aging program into greater Boston senior centers and assisted living facilities under a grant from the Tufts Health Plan Foundation.  In addition, through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, we’ve conducted multiple two-day “teach the teachers” workshops to train instructors at facilities throughout Massachusetts in our Falls Prevention program.

The Board, staff, and teachers of Brookline Tai Chi are committed to sustaining BTC as a place where people can continue their tai chi and qigong practices and connect to a welcoming, safe, and encouraging community.  To do this, we depend on your financial support to help balance our annual budget and to meet the challenge of a smooth transition in this next phase of our community.

We’re asking you to continue your support of BTC.  Please make your tax-deductible donation today:

  • Donate Online
  • Send a check to Brookline Tai Chi, 131 Cypress Street, Brookline, MA 02445
  • Sett up an automatic monthly withdrawal from your bank account.  For example, $15 a month is 50¢ a day.

With gratitude,
The Board of Water Way Arts for Health and Energy/Brookline Tai Chi