Tai Chi for Healthy Aging

Tai Chi for Healthy AgingOur Tai Chi for Healthy Aging program is now fifteen years old and has thrived in the last four years from the support of the Tufts Health Plan Foundation. While the main program at Brookline Tai Chi has a twenty-plus year track record as well, increasingly, falls prevention and self-care for older adults is becoming an important public health issue.

Brookline Tai Chi hopes to play a key role in finding new ways to keep adults healthy, mobile, and active longer and in the safest possible way. Tai Chi is increasingly recognized as an evidence-based method for reducing falls and Brookline Tai Chi maintains active partnerships with leading Tai Chi researchers to ensure that the protocols we follow in our special programs incorporate their latest findings.

We offer our students a unique blend of traditional practices and evidence-based protocols, which allows us to serve a wide range of interests and needs, both at Brookline Tai Chi, in the greater Boston area, and beyond.

Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance

Our Tai Chi for Healthy Aging curriculum consists of simplified Tai Chi exercises that focus on falls prevention by improving balance and facilitating greater relaxation through better breathing. Classes take place in a comfortable and caring social environment utilizing gentle partner exercises.

We also incorporate the evidence-based protocol from Dr. Fuzhong Li’s Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance Program. Here is a video of Dr. Li training our instructors:

What Students Are Saying

We get regular feedback from our Healthy Aging participants. Here is what some have said:

“For me Chi Gung and Tai Chi help me to know that I am related to the universe, the earth beneath my feet, sky, horizon, air, water, rock, etc. and not just to the daily minutia. This relation contributes to my balance, which is incredibly improved (I can step into my jeans, one leg at a time, from a standing position, not holding onto anything but the floor beneath my foot!!)”

“I am gaining a sense of personal power because I see my body adopt new patterns (opening under the arms, extending my tail bone downward) which bring me strength and which I can draw on in moments of undue pressure or discomfort.”

“Tai Chi brings choice. One gains a certain autonomy by learning new patterns of movement, which is a great gift for an elderly person, who sees “loss” everywhere. It feels terrific to have some responsibility in the gentle, creative improvement of mind, body, and spirit.”

Find out More about Tai Chi for Healthy Aging

We offer regular weekly classes for seniors in the Tai Chi for Healthy Aging curriculum at Brookline Tai Chi. If you would like to attend the class, please check out the current class schedule.

We offer Tai Chi for Healthy Aging Instructor Trainings throughout the year. If you are interested in becoming a community leader for this program, please apply here. Preference is given to leaders who already actively teach Tai Chi or other evidence-based programs to seniors in their communities.

If you have any other questions about the program, please contact us here.

Healthy Aging Frequen-Chi Card

8 class hours for $80

This drop-in class card is meant to be used by students in the Tai Chi for Healthy Aging courses only. The 8-class card can be used for drop-in to any Healthy Aging class.

Detailed instructions for how to use it are printed on the card itself.

Please contact the office to pick up your card after purchase.