Opening the Body and Mind in Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong workshop with Eric Peters [Eric is the third from the left in the YouTube thumbnail above.] Gods Playing in the Clouds ("Gods") is the most advanced qigong set taught by Bruce Frantzis. It was the only qigong set practiced by his teacher, Liu Hung Chieh, at the end of his life. After learning the six movements of Gods, one begins to integrate the elements of the 16 neigung into this practice (neigung is found in all other Taoist tai chi, qigong, and meditation ... [Continue Reading]

Dragon & Tiger Qigong – 2015 Sunday Series with Bill Ryan

In 2015, Bill Ryan will continue to teach monthly Dragon & Tiger Qigong workshops at multiple levels. These workshops are designed to allow you to learn and train Dragon & Tiger qigong in a systematic and progressive manner - on whatever Sundays fit your schedule and learning speed. They are also designed to complement Brookline Tai Chi's weekly (level 1a and 1b) Dragon & Tiger classes, so that you can study a topic in depth with Bill in a workshop format and then unpack it ... [Continue Reading]