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“Through the practice of Tai Chi, I was able to achieve an enhanced sense of balance and how I moved in the world. My Tai Chi practice is the thing I do that makes everything else I do go better.”

“Your concept of exercise changes at BTC. It takes awhile to realize that you can relax and still get things done.”

“You can leave your identity behind and get out of your head here.”

“I like the idea of a longevity formula that is more encompassing than how many miles I walk a day or how many vegetables I eat.”

“The group dynamic is very unique. There’s a balance between feeling alone yet together.”

“I have been using many tai chi moves as I clean the house, cook, walk to the store etc.  I think mindfully about what joints I’m using and try to use them in the way we’ve been taught. This has saved me much loss of strength and flexibility during this confining time I am sure.  In addition of course it has helped with mood and anxiety.”

“The school is set up to allow for a lot of variety in the student population.”

“BTC’s teaching style is very low key. There’s a lot of guidance but no pressure.”

“You’re told not to stress if you’re late to class.”

“They’re very good at teaching a largely physical activity to people who are probably used to getting mainly verbal instruction. I used to be one of those myself.”

“The atmosphere is very nonjudgmental. It’s OK to be skeptical of anything, even “chi”; you don’t have to adopt a certain philosophy; there’s no hocus pocus.”