In difficult times, Tai Chi can provide an island of relief, a respite from confusion, struggle, stress, and pain. It is not an “escape” so much as an antidote, a time to improve our mind/body/energy state(s), in the direction of greater vitality, centeredness, harmony, and healthy empowerment. 

BTC closed its physical doors in March 2020, as the COVID 19 pandemic became an undeniable danger to our students and teachers alike.  Within a few weeks, we began remote classes through Zoom, which has enabled us to continue high-quality instruction through the months of fear, confusion, and tragedy that followed.  An unanticipated benefit is that many people can now take our classes from distant locations: we have students in New Mexico, Florida, New Jersey, Vermont, and Maine!

As of September 2021, with uncertainty about new variants and possible resurgences, we are not planning to resume in-person, indoor classes in the immediate future. We will continue in Zoom format, which has proven successful in providing both safe instruction, and a surprising amount of interactive capacity. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions on how to proceed through these challenging and demanding times. Stay healthy!

We emerge, not all at once, perhaps never quite the same. But we rise. We question what we thought we knew. We mourn our losses. We breathe. Perhaps we only know these simple things: the feeling of the air, the qualities of light, the green of late spring leaves. The earth beneath our feet. Our love for certain songs, certain places. Memories. Certain trees, animals. Certain people. These will be enough, perhaps–the earth, breath, memory, love–to begin again.—Don Miller


Student Practicing Tai Chi Posture