From the Director:

I hope you are all enjoying this last month of summer.  We are approaching the time of year called, in Chinese Medicine, “The Fifth Season,” when the Yang energies of Spring and Summer pause for a period of stillness before the turn towards Autumn and Winter.  In the old Jefferson Airplane song, the line was “The summer had inhaled, and held its breath too long.”

At BTC, we have been busy planning for an exciting, enlightening, and empowering Fall semester.  To begin with, we’re introducing four new classes:

  1. Tai Chi For Healthy Aging and Better Balance:  This is a special class for seniors and others who may have balance difficulties.  Developed by myself and BTC senior staff, it distills the qualities of Rooting, Centering, Pulsing, and Flow into a format that builds energy, equilibrium, and inner strength.
  2. Chen 24 Fundamentals Form:  a powerful jibengong (foundation training) method from the Chen style lineage of Grandmaster Hong Jun Sheng, taught by the inimitable Roy Moy.  We are vey excited to have Roy return to BTC for the first time in several years.
  3. Tai Chi Sword:  Roy will also be teaching a Chen style jian (double edged sword) form, from the same tradition.  Wooden practice swords will be provided, if you don’t have your own.
  4. Push Hands and Martial Applications:  A class that covers the interactive side of Tai Chi- from 2-person games that increase root, sensitivity and timing, to self-defense techniques based in Tai Chi’s moves, jings, and principles.

Our existing programs, from A Taste Of Tai Chi and Tai Chi 101 to Wu Style forms (Short and Long), several different Energy Arts Qigong sets, Cheng Man Ching Yang Style, and Yiquan, will continue to offer authentic, powerful methods of personal development and energetic revitalization.  This fall, Brookline Tai Chi is offering 22 different classes–over 50 hours of class time each week!  Our courses are designed for every level, from first time students to serious Tai Chi-ers with many years experience. Check out the schedule below and register for your choices today.

Rise Up Rooted,


Don Ethan Miller, Executive Director

AND:  For those who want to get a fantastic headstart on your fall studies, there are still some spaces left in the Old School Tai Chi Boot Camp program, being held the week of August 21- 27.  This is a chance to strengthen and deepen your Tai Chi practice, the way it was done in China in centuries past. Check the website description and, if it appeals to you, take the plunge!