I refuse to be the wounded woman on a cross
that you crucify with your disapproval like nails;
I will only be the woman who believes in thunderstorms
the same way lightning loves the tops of trees it strikes
every time it gets tired of being pent up in an unforgiving sky

…This is not a eulogy to the believer I could have been.
This is a battle cry to the believer I always have been,
believer in sunsets like splashes of paint, handholding
like willow branches brushing one another, new mornings
after old nights spent drowning in despair, believer
in love as an entire language instead of a single word.

…And even though I think the universe was created by the Big Bang
instead of a God with magic dust shooting from his fingertips,
my universe does not contain fewer stars.
― Meggie Royer


Chinese Lunar New Year begins Feb 16, with celebrations continuing for several weeks thereafter. The horoscopic themes of earth, nature, and cultivation resonate deeply with our Tai Chi and Qigong practices at BTC. Come join us to learn about and explore rooting, centering, structure and flow, sinking and rising, intention, awareness, and energy.


Our Early Spring session begins February 26 and runs through mid-April. We have more than 20 different course offerings, ranging from A Taste of Tai Chi to Spinal Qigong, from the Wu Style Long Form to formless Yiquan. Visit our website for schedule and course descriptions, and register today. Discounts for Early Registration apply through February 25.



Qigong means “energy cultivation”. This class will offer a gentle introduction to Qigong principles–relaxation, energy awareness, natural body movements–and their application to everyday life. Designed for people of all ages, with or without physical limitations. Using easy movements to help us develop more feeling awareness of our bodies, we explore different postures and ways of moving–allowing for a more balanced and continuous flow of energy, more joint flexibility, better balance (of both body and mind), and a better sense of our body’s wisdom that once knew and can again remember how to move smoothly and easily.


Yiquan (I Chuan) is a unique internal martial art/qigong system that combines the cultivation methods of Xingyi, Bagua, Tai Chi, and Shaolin. Yiquan uses no fixed, choreographed sets of movements or techniques. Rather, it works to develop our natural vitality, strength and freedom through direct and powerful practices, including:
Zhan Zhuang –standing mediation/qigong, in a variety of postures;
Shi Li –slow, intensified movements, maintaining the integrity of the held postures as changes of shape, direction, and intent are practiced; and
Moca Bu –“friction stepping”–to develop moving root, leg strength, balance, and moblility.
Yiquan explores universal patterns of movement—circles, arcs, lines, pulses, in all directions and in multiple planes–which can later be applied to any forms of exercise, from martial arts to dance to the actions of daily life.
Open to all levels except beginners. A fantastic adjunct to those who practice
forms and other choreographed sequences!

Next week BTC will be sending, as a separate emailing, an Annual Survey to let us know who is getting our messages, what your experience has been at BTC, what we can do to better serve your needs and interests. Please respond so that we can continue to improve in our ability to serve the community and provide empowering, life-affirming programs for people of all ages and interests. Thanks!


“The sword is an instrument of the Tao. Through its study and correct use,
one may expect to achieve a higher level of sensitivity, as well as learn to manage internal energy through any instrument, whether it be a shovel or a violin.” –Ken Van Sickle

(Ken returns to BTC for another Tao of The Sword workshop in March. Stay tuned!)