As Spring turns to Summer, I want to share a few of the new developments at Brookline Tai Chi:

As of 6/15, I have assumed the position of Executive Director (I prefer simply “Director”), which will combine my previous work as Program Director with more financial responsibilities (the fun stuff!). I am honored and excited to be leading the school into a new era.

Administrative and day-to-day operations work will be taken by our wonderful new Office Manager, MyHanh Ozonoff. She can be reached at And she will respond!

This summer, we will be running our full slate of great classes, from June 19 to August 7. We’ll also be holding a series of camps and seminars, focusing on “old school” Tai Chi training–the way it was done in China in centuries past. Check website and chi-blasts in the next few weeks for details.

On another note, summer is the perfect time to introduce friends and family to Tai Chi and Chi Kung (Qigong). We are once again offering a free first class to our A Taste Of Tai Chi program –1-class cards are available at the school, be sure to pick some up and give them to anyone you know who might benefit from a taste. A full 3-class trial is also available for just 29 bucks. Makes a great gift!

A few years ago, my Kuntao-Silat teacher Willem De Thouars, from whom I have studied internal/external , Chinese/Indonesian martial arts for the past 25 years, made me the “lineage holder” of the internal component of his system. I was honored and proud until, a few days later, it dawned on me that I didnt really know enough to have such an exalted title: what were the responsibilities, what were the requirements, what should I be practicing to be legitimately qualified to hold this position? I called him and asked him these questions, and after a pause, he answered: “Just keep exploring.”

In the warm days (and nights) ahead, I encourage you to do some exploring of your own. Particularly, try practicing yourstanding, your forms, your chi kung moves outside, interacting with the energies of earth, water, trees, rocks, sky, and nature in general. This is how Tai Chi and all the related, Taoist-origin internal arts were meant to be practiced. As the great Duan Zhiliang said, “Listen to nature all around you, and be fed.” Just remember to protect yourself from ticks, mosquitoes, and too much sun; and I guarantee you will find new dimensions to your Tai Chi/Chi Kung practice!

I look forward to seeing some of you at classes, at our camps and workshops, or just maybe, in a quiet grove on top of my favorite hill, standing with the trees.
–Don Ethan Miller

Don can be reached at