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New! Monthly Bootcamp

Sunday, September 24, 9:00am – 12:00pm

Happening once a month. More dates to come!

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Don Ethan Miller’s Old School Tai Chi Summer Training Camps
July – August 2017 

– Open to all styles and levels
– Authentic, powerful training 
– No forms, just essential Tai Chi Gong Fu 
The legendary vitality, internal power, martial prowess, and spiritual development of the old tai chi masters were not developed through a few hours of forms practice every week.  Original training included many hours of chikung, two-person practices, equipment, single-move repetition, jing development, and standing meditation.  This summer, experience a taste of authentic “old school” tai chi, and see how rapidly your tai chi gong (skill, ability, power) can progress!

Old School Training Camp Curriculum include

  • Jings Training
  • Tai Chi Equipment Training
  • Dan Lian single move power training
  • 2-Person interactive exercises and Push Hands
  • Tai Chi weapons, self-defense, martial applications
  • Standing, sitting, moving chi kung/ meditation
  • Cross Training:  Yiquan, Kuntao, Sports Science
  • outdoor training/working with nature
            …and much more!     
Groups may be divided so all participants will be challenged at their personal level of experience/ability.  Expect to work hard, sweat, laugh a lot, and seriously upgrade your tai chi!
Head instructor: Don Ethan Miller, BTC Director, has over 40 years experience in tai chi, chi kung, and other martial and healing arts. He was 4-time national champion in tai chi tui shou (pushing hands) and is the lineage holder in mohdar kuntao, the internal component of the kuntao-silat de thouars (ksdt) system.  

Schedule and Prices

I. Small Bootcamp: Sunday, July 23, 10AM – 1PM
   BTC Member 75, Non-member 90
II. Old School Big Training Week: Monday, August 21 – Sunday, August 27 
   A. Monday – Friday Mornings, 8AM – 10AM
        Single Day: BTC Member 35, Non-member 50
        Five Days: BTC member 125, non-member 150
   B. Weekend: Saturday and Sunday, 10AM – 2PM
        Single Day: BTC Member 85, Non-member 100
        Both Days: BTC Member 135, Non-member 150
   C. Full Week: Monday – Sunday (16 hours of training)
        BTC Member 185, Non-member 225
III. The Fifth Season: The Still Point 
     (date to be determined)
All prices are pre-registered; at the door, add 10/session. All camps limited to 20. Early registration is a good idea!