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Group of Tai Chi Students Practicing Outdoors

In this special 50-day training, participants will perform 5,000 repetitions of the “Grasp Sparrows Tail” sequence–the movements of Ward Off/Roll Back/Press/and Push–which express the Four Primary Powers of Tai Chi :  Peng, Lu, Ji, and An.  The 5000 will be completed over the course of 7 weeks, July 10 through August 28th.

Once the basic routine is established, we will explore the all-important Variables that bring Tai Chi practice to full fruition: 3 Frames, 3 Speeds, 7 Footwork Patterns, 5 Hands, 10 Points, Intention/Non-Intention, and Relation to the Environment. 

There will be four 2 hour Workshop Sessions: Sunday 7/10, Sunday 7/24,  Saturday 8/13, and Sunday 8/28. (Missed classes may be viewed on Zoom.) Between sessions, students will be expected to do 100 repetitions every day, requiring around 15-20 minutes of daily practice.  

In addition to the 4 online sessions, there may be some optional outdoor sessions (TBD); and Instructor Don Miller will be available for personal consultation (phone/email/zoom) through the 50 days.

This is an experience of “old school Tai Chi” training, that will produce improvements to every aspect of your Tai Chi practice–conferring more energy, internal power, centering, fluidity, relaxation, confidence, and understanding. Upgrades guaranteed!

 Open to all students who have learned Peng Lu Ji An at BTC; or by permission of the Instructor. 

Cost: BTC Members $195, Non-Members $245.

Note: This special program will be strictly limited to 25 participants, to allow time for personal attention and correction. 



Weekend workshops will enable students to experience a variety of subjects and practices without requiring weekly attendance. Open to all levels beyond beginners.  (All workshops are held 10am-12 Noon)



1. Saturday, 7/9: Tai Chi Boot Camp

A taste of original Tai Chi training, including: Using rocks, balls, and other Equipment;  “Getting Tired Five Times”; Working with Nature.

2. Sunday 7/17: Dan Lian 1: White Crane Spreading Wings

A deep exploration of one of the most beautiful Tai Chi postures, combining earthiness and elevation of the  spirit.

3. Saturday, 7/23: Five Standing Postures for Health and Power

Extended Posture work is one of the secrets of advancing in Tai Chi. We will practice Universal Post, Santishr, Dragon, and others.

4. Sunday, 7/31: Dan Lian 2: Repulse Monkey

An Essential Move that is widely misunderstood, Repulse Monkey is both a vital self-defense maneuver (retreating without losing power) and a key to improving balance and mobility.

5. Sunday, 8/7: Great Wall Qigong

This unique 6-beat Qigong, developed by Don, combines rooted

primal movement with two standing positions, developing flow,

internal power, and peace.

6. Sunday, 8/14: Rise Up Rooted 

Rooting is a mind/body/energy process that connects us to Earth, increasing stability, calmness, instinct, and power. Balancing it are the Rising Energies of expansion, straightening, and lightness. We will learn and practice rising while maintaining a strong root!

7. Sunday, 8/21: Primal Qigong: 8 Directions

The 8 Directions–Forward/Back, Up/Down, Left/Right, In/Out– form the physical and energetic basis for all movements and energy processes.  This Qigong activates and mobilizes all 8 directions and once learned, can be practiced in an infinite variety of ways.


Workshops limited to 20 people. Sign up early to reserve your space!

Single Workshop Price: $70 BTC Members, $85 Non-Member. (Discounts available on all workshops after the first one.)