A Student Practicing Tai Chi Posture Press

The “Third Age” of life confers the wisdom of experience, but too often accompanied by a loss of vitality, balance problems, debilitating falls, depression and anxiety. This program, designed by BTC Executive Director Don Ethan Miller, distills the most powerful practices from Tai Chi, Qigong and other internal arts to restore energy, reduce stress and fear, and improve balance.  It enables seniors and others with balance problems or other medical issues to learn Rooting, Pulsing, Centering, and Flow, and increase their energy levels and overall well-being.  Participants learn to restore natural posture, breathing, movement capacity, adaptability, and life force.  

(The TCHABB Program is currently being studied, through a grant from Elder Services of Merrimack Valley, as an Evidenced Based program to reduce falls risk in the over-60 population.)

I had taken some bad falls.  Don’s classes are all about balance.  I’ve learned to place my feet, to use the vigor of the bubbling well of the earth, to keep awareness clustered in my natural energy centers.  If I had met Don earlier, I would not have thrown a ball like a girl, and I would have developed stability and trust in my physical self.  But with Tai Chi it is never too late!  I feel rescued and rejuvenated, able to take on the challenges of travel, raising grandkids, and my garden.  It has made a difference in my competence, resilience, and general well-being.  And I am learning, learning the forms of the ancient and empowering art of Tai Chi.”                                                     –Judith S.