Tai Chi Circling Hands Qigong – with Eric Peters

Tai Chi Circling Hands is a simple Chi Gung set that focuses on training the circular movement of the arms in three directions: vertical, horizontal and coronal. These motions are practiced with the feet parallel and also with shifting forward and backward while turning the hips. There are seven easy to learn movements. The simplest and most often taught is Vertical Circling Hands, standing with the feet parallel. Then you can shift your weight forward and backward and then add turning the ... [Continue Reading]

Standing Practice and Refinements – with Eric Peters

In the first stage of standing practice as taught by Bruce Frantzis in Opening the Energy Gates of your Body Chi Gung, there is a focus on body alignment, sinking your chi, and outer dissolving. The arms are initially at the sides, an energetically neutral position. Over time, there are a variety of refinements to the practice of standing, sinking and dissolving. In this Saturday workshop, Eric will focus on several topics such as: The more advanced practice of internal alignments ... [Continue Reading]

Dragon & Tiger Qigong – 2015 Sunday Series with Bill Ryan

In 2015, Bill Ryan will continue to teach monthly Dragon & Tiger Qigong workshops at multiple levels. These workshops are designed to allow you to learn and train Dragon & Tiger qigong in a systematic and progressive manner - on whatever Sundays fit your schedule and learning speed. They are also designed to complement Brookline Tai Chi's weekly (level 1a and 1b) Dragon & Tiger classes, so that you can study a topic in depth with Bill in a workshop format and then unpack it ... [Continue Reading]

Wu Tai Chi Short Form with Craig Barnes

Energy Arts Senior Instructor Craig Barnes returns to continue teaching in the second half of the Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form August 29-30, 2015. Studying with an experienced instructor like Craig often makes it possible to delve into material that would otherwise be difficult to access, and studying in an immersive fashion (multiple hours per day, multiple days in a row) can afford similar depth. Craig will focus on multiple aspects of “lengthening” in the Short Form – on using ... [Continue Reading]