Wu Style Tai Chi Long Form with Craig Barnes

with Energy Arts Senior Instructor Craig Barnes
September 13-14, 2014

The weekend of September 13, Craig will continue this spring’s Long Form workshop series and will teach from the 2nd and 3rd sections of the Long Form.


Craig will help you learn to improve your tai chi by emphasizing and teaching the following topics:

  • unifying the body
  • balancing top, bottom, left, right, front and back
  • developing greater fluidity of movement
  • releasing the shoulders

This workshop is open to anyone who already knows the Wu Style Long Form taught at Brookline Tai Chi.

Date: Sept 13-14
Times: Saturday 2:30-6:30pm, Sunday 10:00-12:30pm and 2:30-5:00pm
Cost: $210($180 for members)

Register for Sept 13-14 here:

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