Xing Yi: 5 Elements Series – Fire element, Sept 13 with Marcus Opalenik

He Bei Style Xing Yi with Marcus Opalenik: Fire Element
Saturday, Sept 13, 2014
3:00pm – 6:00pm
$75/$65 for members
Open to everyone (no prerequisites)

Invented by the famous General Yu Fei, Xing Yi or “form mind” boxing is designed to enliven the body, making it internally flexible and elastic. It strengthens the mind and sharpens the intent, giving one a vibrancy into old age.

In this seminar we will focus on Pao Chuan – the Explosive Fist of Xing Yi Chuan. Likened to a cannon firing, this fist’s explosive nature stems from its link to the heart. It represent fire in the five element system – the father of creation. We will discus how pao chuan’s effectiveness stems from the heart and address how it is used to overcome obstacles – whether mental, spiritual, physical, or external in nature.


Instructor Marcus Opalenik has been studying internal Kung Fu for 18 years. He is a certified instructor under Master Luo De Xiu and studied in the Republic of China for 6 years with him.

Sept 13 Pao Chuan workshop: 

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